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The Forum is an online remote training academy that provides you with access to live group classes, 24hr video replay access, community accountability, fitness video resources & more!

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A Note from the Founder

How it all started  

When I first started as a Fitness Training I had two options:

a) Work in a gym with loads of equipment, plan training cycles for clients with said equipment and trying to convince people to 'follow the plan' so they could see results. (this did not seem appealing to me)

b) Choose something different.  

I dreamed of a community that wasn't defined by boring or demographics or who you were. A community that was defined by a collective striving for more knowledge, experiences, play, fun and a betterment of self and community. How could I find these people? I wanted to jump and play and try something new, then head to a brewery(or coffee shop) with them and truly enjoy their company. I wanted to be with others who wanted to be better, but didn't hold any unrealistic expectations of each other. Just show up, where you're at today, and we'll show up for you.

So that's why The Forum is here, I hope you'll join our community and find that which I was seeking.

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What can you find here?

In addition to our fully equipped Training Centre, these are some of the Coach Led Classes going on Online!

Hand Balancing

Get an efficient kick ass core workout you've been looking for! This 45 minute class will utilize apparatuses in our facility to have you feeling some serious gains!

Upper & Lower Body Mobility

Explore how your body was designed to move. Improve your movement patterns and mobility.

Rock Climbing

Get up on the wall! Play around on our Bouldering or get on the Horizontal overhang to challenge yourself!


Flexibility is achievable for everyone. Increase your mobility, range of motion, and reduce tension across your body, which is especially important if your goal is to achieve new poses in your practice! Regardless of your sport, you'll learn to take your body anywhere you want to go!

Pre/Post Natal Friendly

 For the Mamas, Mamas to Be we are here for you! Our trained staff understands and can get you feeling where you need to be and keeping up to this kiddos! Many classes are kid friendly or have Child Minding options available. 

Personal Training

Looking to have a program customized to your unique and busy schedule or master a new skill? Our Elite Level training can provide you with a program to meet you needs. 


Get the efficient workout you've been looking for - Overall Body and Metabolic Conditioning using your own body weight and mixing in a studio favourite!

Aerial Arts

Utilizing a multitude of aerial apparatuses such as; Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Stall Bars, Rings, Straps you will use your body to create beautiful, graceful and sometimes mind bending shapes! 

Open Gym

Follow one of our Workout of The Days or do your own thing! Access to Rock Climbing, Obstacle Equipment, Kettlebells, Apparatuses and more!


Unleash Your Inner Backup Dancer or explore movement patterns you never considered. Check out a range of Conditioning and Skill based Dance Classes.  

Pole Fitness

Strength Training, Dance Based Moves, Core Workout and all the spins, climbs and inversions you can dream up! We offer Pole Classes in Sessions and Workshops!

Partner Acrobatics

What's more fun than working out with a buddy? Try out Partner Acrobatics and change up our idea of a workout! These Sessions and Workshops teach movement with partners from basic Partner stretching to Inversions!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Ain't nobody got time to work out all day - sometimes we only have half an hr, that's where HIIT comes in! Quick, gritty and effective!

Cardio Cardio Cardio!

We all need to sweat, it's good for us, it feels good and trust me - it will benefit you more than you can imagine. But let's make sure it's fun! We have a wide variety of cardio based classes that are fun, engaging and sweaty!


Our staple all around good workout. Great mobility warm up, strength and cardio through out and a feel good cool down.

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  • Online Access on any device
  • Unlimited LIVE Class Schedule
  • Watch Select Classes on your schedule through the Replay Library.

*Replays are posted 24 hours following class end and are up for 72 hours for your viewing convenience.

  • Basic Access to our Video Library with access to standard routines.
  • Access to our Online Community Forum for personalized support, connection and updates!

Need more? You can upgrade at any time.


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*12 Week Membership billed today.

Weekly payment options available

  • Online Access on any device
  • Unlimited LIVE Class Schedule
  • Watch ALL Classes on your schedule with the Unlimited Replay Library.

*Replays are posted 24 hours following class end and are up for 72 hours for your viewing convenience.

  • Premium Access to our Video Library full of our standard routines, foundational movement and training modules
  • Access to our Online Community Forum for personalized support, connection and updates!
  • BONUS! Initial Custom Planning Session & Routine Build with a Personal Trainer. Build a plan for your like today, wherever you are.


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*12 Week Membership billed today

weekly payment options available.

  • + all of this
  • Initial Custom Planning Session & Routine Build. One on one with your Coach to build a customized routine that works in your life today.
  • Weekly One on One Accountability & Training Session. Work with your coach to reach your goals, support and assist you through any barriers you encounter. Let's continue to keep your custom routine relevant for you, today.
  • Quarterly Custom Planning Session & Routine Re-Build. Crushing goals? Let's keep going!

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The first time you log in, we'll lead you through a simple how-to process to make it easy to use. From there, we'll do the work of providing you with fun, interactive classes, updated content every week and an engaging community.

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Set up a 1:1 onboarding session

Yep, we've got real coaches on this team! Your membership BONUS comes with one onboarding and virtual training session, where you can talk through your goals, lifestyle and we will collaboratively build you an at home routine that works in your world.

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Join the community

This isn't just an online platform. It's a community. Get advice from other members in the forum, play and engage in our monthly challenges, and even join in on a masterclass.

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Get ready to soar

Sure, a good workout matters. But who doesn't like a little positive reinforcement from time to time? When we work together, we thrive, so let's set your biggest goals ever and make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the Membership Level you choose. All of our Prices are listed weekly and there are no contracts or commitments! If you choose to go Premium, your payment of $49.99/week + GST and gets you all you can image plus your 1:1 Accountability Sessions and Coaching every week! You will have the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time, but you sure don't have to!

Does it matter if I'm a beginner?

Nope! If you're just getting started, we think this is the best way to start! If the foundation is built strong, the body will see success so much faster AND for longer! You'll learn a ton about foundational movements, best practices, terminology and even have a coach available for any of your questions live!

How do I know it's for me?

Do you want to feel better and move your body? Then it's for you. We've seen members start off as little as 5 minutes per day and work their way up to 2 hour training sessions within a few months! ps - this is not a requirement to go two hours/day - that's for the die hards!

How much do I have to participate in the community?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun if you do, but you can also use the platform as a more straightforward fitness app if you'd like.  

When can I get started?

Right away! As of May 2020, this academy is out of beta and our community is growing by dozens of members each week. In fact, we'd recommend joining as soon as possible—we won't be able to maintain the low introductory price and bonus offers forever.  

What kind of classes will I see?

Mobility and Conditioning are our core based classes - so you'll see the most of those! We believe you need to work on the fundamentals of Mobility, Strength & Cardio to make sure the skill and play is more accessible to you!

Currently we have classes such as:

Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, Cardio, Dance, Handbalancing, Aerial Conditioning, Kettlebells, Aerial Strength, Dance, Outdoor Play & more!

Does my location matter?

Anyone can use this program and join the community.

What else do I need to know?

The Forum is focused on finding the best version of self, with a prioritization of movement. You will see masterclasses and workshops available to you for all areas of self betterment - not just movement! | home | blog |

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