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Move Your Body. Join a Community of like-minded individuals looking for betterment of the Mind, Body & Soul. Watch yourself reach heights you never thought possible with our supportive, dedicated and personalized accountability coaches. 


  • Personal Accountability Coach
  • Online Support Group
  • Goal Setting, Tracking, Assessments & Customized Motivation.


  • Master Classes; skill based training
  • Conditioning Classes – Move Yourself
  • Complete range and variety of full body, effective training for all levels


  • Community. Like-minded individuals working together in a supportive, goal-oriented environment.
  • Our Lounge! Meet friends for life, train together, play together, hang out!

Why was The Forum created?

"I felt that I was continuously searching for more. More training, more to do, more people that were interested in getting better and a place to do it in. I had been travelling to Los Angeles, and across Canada consistently to learn new skills and expand my knowledge for my clients and thought: you know what, we need this in Red Deer. A place for people to share; share their knowledge, skills and the powerful balance of The Mind, Body & Soul. There is so much talent, experience and mastery in our community, we just needed a home. The Forum was born: A Community designed with passion for people, our community and of course movement." - Janessa Marshall, Owner The Forum

Full-Body Conditioning

Functional Strength is about balance. Utilize our wide array of classes and apparatuses to get a full body experience. It's never just leg day at The Forum, it's everything day! 

Climb a wall, swing a kettlebell, join the circus, dance your heart out or reach the top of the Salmon Ladder. Work up a sweat with us and see results in all aspects of your training. 

Finally, ENJOY YOURSELF! Our Licensed facility ensures that you can finish off that work out with a drink you've worked hard for!

Master Classes

Interested in learning new skills, mastering movement and showing yourself what you can do? Our Master Classes provide high level training that will lead you to astonish yourself with what you accomplish. 

  • Aerial Silks
  • Hand Balancing
  • Obstacle Race Skill Training
  • Lyra
  • Kettlebells
  • Pole Fitness

A Community

Training with others is more fun, more effective and with our community so very motivating! Success comes from surrounding yourself with those dedicated to your success. Our Coaches, Community Members and Partners are 100% Dedicated to the success of each other. 

Join a community of like-minded individuals. 

*Not to mention your very own Personal Accountability Coach* 

Those that are there to lift you up, inspire you and keep you accountable to your success. Also, it doesn't hurt that they like to have a good time too!

About Us

Enjoy Sport, Enjoy Play, See Results

Bodybuilders, Performers, Competitive Athletes, Ninja Warriors... we love these hardcore athletes (and you'll even find some around the Studio) but we know that is absolutely not the majority! The Forum is a space for people who want to experience real, effective progress and results from hard work but without sacrificing fun, life and everything else they love to do in their busy lives! 

We devote ourselves to having a blast, all the while working our butts off for you, our clients. 

Will it be easy? No. Will you have to work hard? Yes. 

Will you see results? GUARANTEED. 

The proof is here, book your FREE Tour & Assessment to find out what The Forum can do for you unique lifestyle. 

What can you find here?

In addition to our fully equipped Training Centre, these are some of the Coach Led Classes going on for you to experience.


Get the efficient workout you've been looking for - Overall Body and Metabolic Conditioning using your own body weight and mixing in a studio favourite!

Aerial Arts

Utilizing a multitude of aerial apparatuses such as; Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Stall Bars, Rings, Straps you will use your body to create beautiful, graceful and sometimes mind bending shapes! 

Open Gym

Follow one of our Workout of The Days or do your own thing! Access to Rock Climbing, Obstacle Equipment, Kettlebells, Apparatuses and more!

Hand Balancing

Get an efficient kick ass core workout you've been looking for! This 45 minute class will utilize apparatuses in our facility to have you feeling some serious gains!

Functional Movement

Explore primal movement patterns; push, pull, bend, twist, move, lunge and squat your way to an easier more efficient life.

Rock Climbing

Get up on the wall! Play around on our Bouldering or get on the Horizontal overhang to challenge yourself!


Unleash Your Inner Backup Dancer or explore movement patterns you never considered. Check out a range of Conditioning and Skill based Dance Classes.  

Pole Fitness

Strength Training, Dance Based Moves, Core Workout and all the spins, climbs and inversions you can dream up! We offer Pole Classes in Sessions and Workshops!

Partner Acrobatics

What's more fun than working out with a buddy? Try out Partner Acrobatics and change up our idea of a workout! These Sessions and Workshops teach movement with partners from basic Partner stretching to Inversions!


Flexibility is achievable for everyone. Increase your mobility, range of motion, and reduce tension across your body, which is especially important if your goal is to achieve new poses in your practice! Regardless of your sport, you'll learn to take your body anywhere you want to go!

Pre/Post Natal Friendly

 For the Mamas, Mamas to Be we are here for you! Our trained staff understands and can get you feeling where you need to be and keeping up to this kiddos! Many classes are kid friendly or have Child Minding options available. 

Personal Training

Looking to have a program customized to your unique and busy schedule or master a new skill? Our Elite Level training can provide you with a program to meet you needs.